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Tap the Power of the New Writing Units of Study—Including Small Groups and Grammar and Spelling Supports

Aug 28, 2024
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Date: Wednesday, August 28, 2024

Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM ET

Location: Online, via Zoom

Who Should Attend: Grades 3-5 teachers and coaches

Cost: $150 per person

We don’t want you to waste a minute before you learn how to get maximum lift from all the resources that are available for you in the brand new 3-5 Writing Units of Study. Come to this day and hear from the two people who have been most deeply involved in developing the units. 

We’ll show you the cool new changes we’ve made that we know you’ll love. High on that list is the new book containing 150+ small groups. You can expect to learn about the organizational structure of Supporting All Writers and ways to tap the power of this resource from the start. You can hear about changes that were made to Pathways (the assessment system) and ways this resource also remains largely the same. 

You’ll also learn about important ways the content across each grade has been revised and the rationale for those changes. How is the third grade literary essay unit similar to and different from fourth and fifth grade units on the same topic? Why does third grade begin with informational writing? Why does Boxes and Bullets channel kids towards an issue, early in the unit? Why aren’t notebooks introduced until fourth grade? Why is fiction now an out-of-the-box unit, and what does that mean for learners?

Finally, you’ll watch videos of us teaching the new grammar and spelling lessons, learn about the assessments, and hear our ideas about how to make time for all this important learning.

Across this day, expect to:

  • Learn the newest aspects of the Units of Study and the rationale behind them.

  • Observe demonstrations of small groups that can be found in the new Supporting All Writers book.

  • Learn about the impact of taking kids through more cycles of the writing process within each unit.

  • Hear from co authors who will talk you through the ways you can embed standard-based grammar instruction aligned to the Units of Study. 

  • Collaborate with fellow colleagues to tap into the new spelling resources.

  • Gather tips for assessments across the year. 

  • Listen to excerpts of the new mentor texts that will serve as a resource across the units.