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Our Products

We create a plethora of resources and curricula for K-8 educators, including the Units of Study in Reading, Writing, and Phonics, several series of decodable texts, and more.

Not a Units of Study user?

We have many curriculum agnostic resources and specialists that can tailor to your needs.

Units of Study

Learn more about and purchase the Units of Study curriculum for your school or district, along with trade packs and resources that accompany the units.

Daypack Decodables

Daypack Decodables are a series of 120 decodable texts that progress through the stages of phonics development. These align with our state-of-the-art decoding assessment.

Jump Rope Readers

Jump Rope Readers, our engaging and vibrant multi-criteria decodable texts, are organized to follow a logical progression of phonics principles, supporting kids as they begin their reading journeys.

Tutoring Curriculum for Foundational Reading

This high-dosage tutoring curriculum supports students in a progression of foundational skills including phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, monitoring for sense, fluency, and decodable text reading.