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Week-long Homegrown Institute

Homegrown Institutes are 4-5 consecutive days of on-site professional development tailored to the priorities and goals of a school or district. These institutes:

  • Are flexible by design and planned in collaboration with school leaders to understand priorities and goals.

  • Bring together educators—as few as 12 or as many as 800—in a community of study around the teaching of reading, writing, or phonics.

  • Typically consist of one Staff Developer for every 30 participants. 

  • Are usually four days, Monday-Thursday, with an optional fifth day focused on a special topic or on support for literacy leaders. 

Frequently requested topics include: 

  • The Essentials of Teaching Writing or Reading

  • Small Groups and Toolkits to Accelerate Growth in Reading (or Writing)

  • Small Groups and Conferences that Make a Dramatic Difference 

  • Rebalancing Balanced Literacy: Integrate Science of Reading into Your K-2 Reading Workshop 

  • Using (and Writing) Decodable Texts to Support Early Readers

  • Foundational Reading in the Upper-Grades: Supporting Phonics, Comprehension, and Fluency

  • Book Clubs Support Analytical Reading and Writing about Reading

  • Using Goals, Learning Targets and Success Criteria to Invigorate Instruction and Align Within and Cross Grade Skill Development

Location: On-site or virtual 

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More districts request Homegrown institutes than we can staff, so reserve your homegrown institute as early as possible.

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