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Daypack Decodables: A NEW Decodable Text Series

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We are excited to introduce Daypack Decodables, a decodable series designed to support young readers as they progress through the stages of phonics development and learn that reading is about making meaning. This series, comprising 120 brief texts, has been designed to get texts in kids’ hands–in their book baggies, backpacks, and lunch boxes. The books are brief, inexpensive, and informal. We hope they are not so precious that you need to keep them under lock and key in your teacher’s cabinet!

When provisioning your classroom with books for early readers, it is wise to anticipate that pages can get ripped, books can be misplaced, and accidents can happen. In fact, research suggests that approximately a fifth of books in a school’s collection require replacement each year. That's why Daypack Decodables are designed to be inexpensive and replaceable. We hope these budget-friendly and kid-friendly little books travel with kids to homes, sleepovers, recess time, and the works.

Because these texts are carefully sequenced and because there are a lot of them, they’ll provide your kids with the progression of decoding practice they need. The books have been designed so that if kids are well-matched to the books they can decode, they’ll be able to read with confidence on their own. We hope these books add balance to your leveled library. They have also been designed to fit into the tutoring curriculum you can learn about below.

Key Features and Benefits
-Phonics Reinforcement: The series reinforces phonics skills, helping children become proficient at decoding words and developing strong reading foundations.
-Easy Integration: You can effortlessly incorporate Daypack Decodables into your reading instruction, amplifying the effectiveness of any teaching approach.
-Budget-Friendly Solution: The series makes it possible for kids to have lots of books in their baggies, to take books home that they can decode, and to get lots of practice putting the phonics they have learned into action as they read.

$240, plus shipping
$20 flat rate shipping per unit for US
$80 flat rate shipping per unit for International

Purchase Here - US Orders

Purchase Here - International Orders

You may pay by credit card with the link above or by purchase order. Purchase orders can be made out to: Reading and Writing Project Network LLC, P.O. Box 26561, Prescott Valley, AZ 86312 and emailed to

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