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Supporting All Readers: High-Leverage Small Groups and Conferences, Grades K-2

The Supporting All Readers: High-Leverage Small Groups and Conferences book is full of ready-to-teach small groups and conferences focused on major reading development goals for kindergarten through second grade. 

The book includes more than 150 ideas for small groups and conferences, along with all the materials you’ll need to teach responsively. We’ve organized the work time components into seven categories that represent key areas where you will probably want to spend time leading conferences or small groups across the year:

  • Supporting Kids as They Build Their Reading Lives

  • Supporting Emergent Readers

  • Supporting Phonics, Word Recognition, and Decoding

  • Supporting Reading with Fluency

  • Supporting Oral Language and Vocabulary Development

  • Lifting the Level of Fiction Comprehension

  • Lifting the Level of Nonfiction Reading

Within each category, the small groups and conferences are sequenced from more supportive to more advanced so that teachers can ensure that all readers progress along a trajectory of development. If, for example, your assessments reveal that some of your first graders still need work solidifying their knowledge of letter-sound correspondence, you’ll find a collection of work times and tools you can draw on to provide targeted, explicit support. 

This resource is included in the Units of Study in Reading, Grades K-2 but can also be purchased as a standalone resource beginning August 2024 from Heinemann. The Supporting All Readers book is a powerful resource for classroom teachers, and it can also support one-on-one and small group reading interventions. 

You’re sure to find yourself reaching for this resource daily, whether or not you are teaching with the Units of Study in Reading 

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