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Units of Study in Writing

Units of Study in Writing is a K-8 workshop curriculum comprised of print and digital units, tools and resources for teaching writing. Informed by decades of intense work in classrooms around the world and supported by deep, ongoing research, this curriculum provides a teacher-supportive, student-centered experience for proven learning success. A workshop framework anchors the units and offers the perfect combination of whole-class, small-group, one-on-one instruction, and independent practice.

The Units of Study in Writing is authored by Dr. Lucy Calkins and her colleagues at The Reading & Writing Project. 

High Expectations, Achievable Goals

The writing Units of Study help teachers provide their students with instruction, opportunities for practice, and concrete doable goals to help students meet and exceed any set of high standards.

Proven Tools and Methods

It is an understatement to say these units have been piloted many times. The teaching in these units has been planned, taught, revised, and retaught, through a cycle of continual improvement, involving literally thousands of classrooms in schools dotting the globe.

A Clear Instructional Arc

Each writing unit represents about five to six weeks of teaching, structured into three or four “bends in the road.” Rather than tackling the entire journey all at once, it’s easier to embark on this series of shorter, focused bends, pausing between each to regroup and prepare for the next.

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