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Units of Study Implementation Support

Units of Study days are one-day conferences designed to support teachers in implementing the Units of Study. Usually, one Staff Developer works with a group of between six and thirty teachers in grades K-2, 3-5, or 6-8.

These days are always aligned with school priorities and typically include:

  • An overview of the workshop model and the curriculum  

  • A guided tour of materials, with insider tips about shortcuts and special features

  • An explanation for how standards are supported across a year-long curriculum 

  • Practical help planning responsive small groups that allow teachers to respond to a full range of needs.

  • A description of ways to fast-plan teaching, drawing upon support materials, as well as each school-based learning community’s needs

Units of Study days can also be planned to support other priorities, such as helping schools  re-start their work with Units of Study, learning about updates and revisions to the new editions, or implementing the Units of Study with a special emphasis on a particular school goal (like using data-based small groups, bringing the science of reading into balanced literacy, or providing additional support for spelling, phonics and grammar.) 

Teachers leave Units of Study days feeling energized and ready to put their learning into practice! 

Location: On-site or virtual 

Cost: $3,500 per day for on-site or $3,000 per day for virtual

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