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Tutoring Curriculum For Foundational Reading

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This high-dosage tutoring curriculum supports students in a progression of foundational skills including phonological awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, monitoring for sense, fluency, and comprehension. While one-on-one tutoring is the goal, children can also be tutored in small groups.

The curriculum consists of 10 modules, each containing 15-25 sessions, and an assessment tool that can help tutors determine what module a student should begin based on their phonics knowledge, and all the curricular materials they will need, as well as frequent tips for ways they can be responsive during their tutoring sessions. 

Each module hones in on a specific phonics skill such as letter sounds, CVC words, blends and digraphs, silent e, vowel teams, inflectional endings, R-controlled vowels, and syllabication of two-syllable words, and multisyllabic words. The curriculum covers content typically taught in Grades K-2, but can be used with students of any age in need of phonics instruction. 

Learn more in the curriculum overview, scope and sequence, research base and preview sample sessions.


  • In a California School, students made 200% growth after only 4 months of tutoring.

  • A North Dakota School District found that students who participated in tutoring improved by 62.85 points on the Star Reading Assessment, compared to 33.63 points for students who did not.

  • In a Michigan district, between September and December, 30% of kids who were tutored achieved a full year’s growth, and 59% achieved a half-year’s growth. 

What’s Included

  • Pre- and Post-Assessments

  • 10 modules, totaling 150 Sessions

  • Printable materials needed for each session

  • Printable Daypack Decodables, a set of 120 decodable texts

Cost: $340 for Foundational Reading Tutoring Curriculum, including 150 lessons, 120 Daypack Decodables and all curricular materials. All resources will be a digital download and printable. Sets of print Daypack Decodables are available for additional purchase if desired. 

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*If needed, virtual tutors and/or a tutoring management system can be purchased through Littera Education. Littera customizes high-impact tutoring for K-12 schools and districts by supporting any student, subject, schedule, or staffing model.

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